Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god.

Everything with a beginning has an End. Every system, the stars, entire galaxies and even our race. But amidst all this, we humans find our joys in small endeavours. We fall in love with each other. We populate the earth furthermore. But what do we know about love, what is our notion of it? We just know that its some sort of a chemical reaction in the head, a chemical bond that two people share. So why does this have to end ? do we run out of chemicals in the head ?!

Well, I always used to think that people love each other the same, care for each other the same. But recently I met someone who made me realise that love isn’t about just normal feelings and chemical reactions, it’s about losing yourself. To such an extent that once it ends you have a hard time getting yourself back. So this girl, really damn pretty had broken up a while back, disturbed as she would be, tried finding some happiness online, where the universe had destined our paths to bump into each other. So the first thought I have is, Brilliant how is such a pretty girl talking to me, but the irony of it, she doesn’t think she is pretty. Well, that’s how these girls function I feel, Those beautiful little angels !! They give in everything they have. Everything for that person they love, these are the ones who’ve actually helped this corrupt world survive. They are the ones who know what love is, how pure it is.

So this girl was in a relationship for a while and then it ended. So yeah she was sad, and down but still there was this beauty about her. Some spark or charm that made me wanna make her smile again. And once she did, it was magically even could manage to look even more beautiful. There’s something in sadness I feel, a girl can manage to look pretty even when she’s sad. But then I thought of it the other way round, Why did it have to end ? and even if it did why is it affecting her too much? I found the answer to that after talking to her for a couple of more days. I realised that this beauty understands love more than what I ever thought it was. She knew what it meant and that’s why she had lost herself. She lost herself in that feeling, not just to the guy but to that feeling that she was feeling for him and that rather more important. I learnt that Heartache is the most terrible cuz its like you’ve been living life with some set of thoughts and hopes or imaginations for a few years (this is all with someone special) but then suddenly one day everything changes, this person who you thought you’ll spend the rest of your life with doesn’t want the same ! Your world comes to a standstill You’re depressed, sad, perplexed and most of all LOST !! it’s really simple, say for 4 years so you get up every day and call this specific person and one day this person isn’t there, what do you do? The first thought of the day itself is disturbed your entire cycle is shaken. But this girl she had the fire to move on and the heart to forgive.

So why do we do it? Why do we fall in love and the why do we just fall out of it?

I look at her today and I feel why couldn’t I get a chance to love her, give her every happiness in the world cause that is what she deserves because her beautiful smile is what the world needs right now. And that’s thats what I do, every moment I think of making her smile, I think of getting her back because I know that the world is missing something beautiful and I dont want it to. Its people like her that make you wonder, why do complicate such a simple feeling? When i’d asked her what she wants with life, she said a husband and a few children. People want money, big houses, food and all the shit that they’ll never use. All she dreamed of is a good family to spend some time with !! What more beautiful than this thought ? Why are we chasing things we’ll never use. Why not chase people? Why not loose ourselves inside people and feelings rather than things.

I dunno how long will I know her for, but I know that every moment I think of her, I think of heartache and the loss of GOD.

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