Where’s your will to be Weird ? – Jim Morrison

So 8 billion people, are we all the same or just different? Personalities, characteristics and personality traits of any person can be told from his birth (The concept of a Kundli, from the Hindus, which is a record of your birth date/time and the positions of the stars at that very moment). So you see, the position of the stars can tell you how you are gonna be as a person, and if this is decided then how can we say that situations make a man who he is, are the situations even decided then?

There was this brilliant scene in Matrix I think, where The Oracle offers Neo a candy and he responds saying that don’t you already know whether I am gonna take the candy or not, she replies by saying, we’ve already made all our choices, we are just here to know why.

This fucking blew my mind, it’s true, we are here to realize as to why have we made these choices, Everyday you are framing yourself, turning yourself into who you are and its the system that makes you decide who you really wanna be. The system, a place where you’ll find millions of people just like you, trying to be different in the same fucked up world.

To be or not to be? What to be? An architect? A developer?  A designer or just a fucking plumber? How does this matter, this is just what I do, not who I am. Maybe I am NO One, a No-Thing as the Bhagwat Gita says, or just a Homosapien surviving in this realm of the universe, or just a ball of energy flowing in this infinite space-time continuum. How can I know what I am? You’re the all dancing all singing Crap of the world (-Tyler Durden FIGHT CLUB).

I remember being asked as to what do you wanna be when you grow up and I could always just think that Happy, I just would wanna be Happy. People told me I didn’t understand the question, I thought maybe they didn’t understand LIFE. Why do we have to become this entity, to survive? Is this really what we’re meant to be? Even if yes, then why? Why did the universe go through 13 billion years of reformation and endless space to reach this exact moment? And what are you to do in that specific moment?

Where’s your will to be Weird?

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