The Speech

My soul is not contained within the
limits of my body my body is contained
within the limitlessness of my soul

I’ve often said that I wish people could
realize all their dreams and wealth and fame,

so that they could see that it’s not
where you’re going to find

your sense of completion

I can tell you from experience the
effect you have on others is the most

valuable currency there is

Because everything you gain in
life will rot and fall apart

and all that will be left of you is
what was in your heart

we’re not avatars we create we’re not
The pictures on the film stock

We are the light that shines through. All else is just smoke and mirrors

distracting but not truly compelling

our eyes are not viewers they’re also

that is running the second story over the
that we see in front of us all the time
fear is writing that script
now fear is going to be a player in your
the life you get to decide how much

you could spend your whole life
imagining ghosts

worrying about the pathway to the future
but all there will ever be

is what’s happening here in the
decisions we make in this moment which

are based on either love or fear

so many of us choose our path
out of fear disguised as practicality

what we really want seems impossibly
out of reach

and ridiculous to expect so we never dared to ask the universe for it

 I’m saying that you can ask the universe for it  
life doesn’t happen to you

it happens for you

as far as I can tell
it’s just about

letting the universe know what you want  
and working toward it

while letting go of how it comes to pass

why not take a
chance on faith

not a religion but faith  
not hope but faith. I don’t believe in hope

hope is the beggar. Hope walks through
the fire

and faith leaps over it  
you are ready

and able to do beautiful things in this
and after you walk through those doors
Today you’ll only ever have two choices
love or fear

Choose love  
and don’t ever let fear turn you
against your playful heart  

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