Humanism’s Space-Time

Fuck you and your little intelligentsia

group therapy sessions

basing its roots in caveman cartesian

theoretic – i know you know that

the blank canvas are the retarded

and that artists work on that –

because normally grey citizens are no

blank canvas but a subordination –

but still, fuck you, why not concentrate

on the blank economics of a beggar

to exercise your little intelligentsia

get-together sessions?

there are less social securities in that

department of inquiry –

mental health and art… what’s that?

you jealous of the caverns of the mind

crafting an escape pod to your

bodily exercise of mechanisation –

shit on me, crosswords! su doku!

all matters of encryption!

endear your lack of creativity with

the synonymousness act of creativity

decoding encryption,

because you obviously can’t encrypt

on a complete lack of encoding parameters (blanks).

you can’t encrypt originality unless

you start with encrypting nothingness

with stars… and how often does that happen?

perhaps once… i care to make you

feel something akin to bombastic,

a football stadium size of appreciation lost –

skull kickabout with commentary:

to create the post-relativity warp

of quantity-quality, akin to space-time,

for indeed the answer to science’s

space-time hyphenated couplet

is quantity-quality – and that’s hardly a measurable

consideration, since there are too many particulars

involved, i.e. too many individuals, choices

and disparaging wills – too many particulars

in the hyphenated couplet quantity-quality,

since science is offering universal breadcrumbs

with its space-time rationalisation

for each and every for a share in populating

an insignificance, whether on a personal

scale or an impersonal / collective scale –

and both are indeed expressed,

the famous parasitical comparison found

in too many numbered essays by individuals –

but still humanism has a quantity-quality parabola,

while science has its space-time parabola,

and indeed both in dip, provide waves,

for example the former with Plato and Neoplatonism,

and for example the latter with

the revisionists of Einstein – the revisionist excavators

arguing precision to 100% proof of measurement

in exponential scaling of the mind theorising

a bus trip to Saturn like a bus-trip parallel-akin

to a 1 mile trip on the same vehicle in the earthly atmosphere.

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