Are we there yet ?

Why are we here is a pretty important question, but its considered to be more of a psychological one? But I wanna know as to Where are we going? What are we headed towards? Scientifically speaking, our universe is traveling somewhere, like everything else we know of is spreading apart in the space itself. But seriously we as a species, Where the fuck are we going?

I’m at an age where people are telling me to think about the next 5 to 10 years, what would I be wanna doing then. Frankly, I’m lost. I can have all sorts of weird thoughts and notions. That’s, not my point though, I’m wondering as to why are in this fight? Okay, I have to survive, and I have earned money for it if I want to do whatever I want I should have loads of money for that, but ironically for that, i might have to do something that I don’t want to. It’s a really complex system. We spend our entire lives earning money and then end up spending that money to buy small parts of our life back. Anyways we’ll take up money some other day. For now, the system. It’s stable for now but for how long ?

If we’re looking towards a future with just social media leading our technology then whats the fucking point? The purpose of phones was to connect people, like literally pick up the device call up someone and connect. Now, we pick up the phone to check in at some location, post a selfie or worst post the image of our food. If you come to realise we’re actually forming a sort of human trait, which supringly didn’t exist until a few years ago. Now suddenly its in the genre of every girl ! I’m pretty sure the next gen coming out of this ones is gnna know how to take a selfie from birth.

I remember during meals, if the food is served on the table, my Dad wouldnt let it keep lying there even for a min, he believed making the food wait was disrespecting the food. He said always be thankful for this meal, there are thousands who dont have. Although I didn’t follow it much, he always did and I liked that about him. His belief. And what do we believe in now ? How many likes will this post get me ?

If technology keeps on progressing like this, what will the world end up looking like ? And what are we gonna become ? Maybe this is what they meant when they said that Man is a social animal.

Anyways the point still being where is all this taking us? Do we have a specific answer? Can I go and ask the president this question, Sir where is our species headed? what might we be in the next 100 years. Will he think for the species or an individual or just the set of people who are gonna exist in his timeline? what are we pretending to be and why?! Where are you going and Are we there yet?

Just a piece of peotry i’d read in a book, ‘The life of Buddha and its lessons’, brilliant it is..

– The king commanded that within those walls

   No mention should be made of age or death

Sorrow or pain, or sickness …

   And every dawn the dying rose was plucked,

The dead leaves hid, all evil sights removed:

   For said the king, “If he shall pass his youth

Far from such things as move to wistfulness

   And brooding on the empty eggs of thought,

The shadow of this fate, too vast for man,

   May fade, belike, and I shall see him grow

To that great stature of fair sovereignty,

   When he shall rule all lands—if he will rule—

The king of kings and glory of his time.” –

2 thoughts on “Are we there yet ?

  1. Hi Arav.. so I have been following you through these blog post and I think I am going to marry you one day


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