What consumes your mind, Controls your life..

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently. Sometimes I feel we are ignorant of nature, looking around us everything that we see is part of a much beautiful and bigger presence, but yet how much do we endure from it?

The Hindu teachings teach us that God is everywhere in everything, wherein the Bhagwat Gita itself calls it an Energy. The same energy that was there before all this and that will continue to exist even after this existence (our universe) has perished. In simple science the before the big bang and since then. We are all the same stardust. All singin’ all dancin’ crap of the world. I feel religion is also messed up. All the religious books are it the Gita or the Khhuran talk about a greater energy, if not a greater being. But out here in the real world, the idols are way more humanely. Just as pathetic.

If people know that there is God inside us, why not take the shortest route towards it, why travel all across the world in search of weird temples and churches and whatnot. Just look inside, deep inside. I really feel all the answers lie inside us, somewhere inside this soul of ours. It will help us understand the universe, connect with it, become one with it. As it is a part of the universe, of a greater self, a greater existence.

Telekinesis, a part of science that deals with moving objects through your mind also uses the same concept. It tells you to believe that the target object is just an extension of yourself, your energy, its the same material as you, the same energy, only then can you relate to that object and hence control it. So basically you don’t control another object, you control an extended part of yourself. Although this form of science is rarely seen with proof, yeah the concept is real.


So what do keep wondering all day? Why are we heading this way and if Since we already are, Where are we headed ?!

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