The Art Of Conversation

Tinder, after a match, suggests a pickup line, something to break the ice. Once it told me “Heyy” is for the horses, I actually felt bad typing it then. Although when I told this to the chick, she actually found it funny and well we hit off pretty well from there.

People log onto social media to connect to people, but are we really ?! Is just knowing what someone had for lunch cause of their post, is a connection? How do we relate to people then, how do we relate to stuff ?!

Whats a better conversation, a discussion over the string theory and multiple dimensions or how many likes you got on a post?!

These things get me thinking, we know what the truth is, we know that there are millions of stars out there, we know there are galaxies and universes that we don’t know of, ain’t these things intriguing enough? Cant, we have talked about such stuff rather than how much tax we have to pay. Why is it that those manipulated words drive our feelings?


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